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At the exceptional practice of Saba Shabnam, MD, FAAFP, Dr. Shabnam serves patients in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, from their location in Grapevine, Texas. They strive to help their patients look and feel their best, whether they need an annual physical exam or need management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or hypothyroidism.

The practice focuses on functional and anti-aging medicine that promotes optimal health and wellness. Dr. Shabnam believes in medical weight loss using nutritional planning, weight loss medications, and hormonal management to help their patients thrive.  

At the office of Saba Shabnam, MD, FAAFP, the providers offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the form of pellets or injections for the treatment of menopause in women, and andropause, or hormonal decline, in men. The pellets offered at the practice contain bioidentical hormones compounded in quality-controlled facilities located in the United States.

At Saba Shabnam, MD, FAAFP, the team understands that confidence in one’s appearance is just as important as maintaining proper health care. To cater to the needs of their clientele, the practitioners offer a full menu of aesthetic services, such as Botox®, fillers, Kybella®, Plasma pen™, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and Vampire® procedures.

Dr. Shabnam and the team are excited to welcome new and established patients to their health and wellness clinic. Call the clinic today or schedule an appointment online to schedule an appointment.


Our Mission is to Improve the Health and Well Being of Our Patients with a Commitment to Excellence in all that we do and Bring Difference in Patients Life 
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Simply put.. I absolutely LOVE HER! She is beyond thorough at what she does. Her energy and medical attention she gives is unmatched! Her bedside manner is pleasant and very welcoming. I would recommend her to any and ALL!
Shin H. | Mar 11, 2024
Dr. Shabnam is excellent Doctor. She listens to me and always resolves my problem. She also is professional, caring and very pleasant. In my opinion She cares about Her patients and is
Nina V. | Mar 07, 2024
Maria E. | Nov 14, 2023
Salowa A. | Aug 31, 2023
Dr. Shabnam do care about people's health. Thank you!
Jose E. | Jun 20, 2023
I'm happy
Suad A. | May 08, 2023
The best I hadn't have for a very long time. All the stuff including receptionist and ofcourse Dr. Shabnam as well are very professional, caring, friendly, and thoughtful bunch. There is certain aura about it the minute U enter the office. It gives anyone that may be nervous to seek the medical care sense of security and feeling calm. Dr. Shabnan is exceptional physition, professional, very knowledgeable, easy going, friendly and pleasant the minut one enters her office. There are a lot if things that she knows about, even the one that are not within Her proffessional range, but it would be too many things to write. It is very obvious that she cares about Her patients and treats everyone with great respect, thouthfulness and care. I am glad that I finally found Dr. Shabnam((She used to be my doctor previously! I wouldn't change Her for the world. I don't dread any longer whenever I have to show for an appointment. Instead I am always looking forward to see Her calm, smiling face and friendly but professional and very caring disposition each time I am there. Very truly - Nina P. Vento
Nina V. | Apr 05, 2023
I have been a patient of Dr Shabnam MD for a few years now. Dr Shabnam is the BEST doctor I have ever been too! I am now 76 years old, is Vietnam war vet, so I’ve been to lots of Doctors prior to Dr Shabnam, Dr Shabnam has proven time & time again, she really cares, I believe all doctors care, but Dr Shabnam takes much further, she proved it with her actions of patience, fantastic diagnosed skills, and Dr Shabnam takes action with you to get to the root of the issue, and resolve it! the specialists Dr Shabnam has referred me to were fantastic too! As a 76 year old man who is married to a physical fit, active wife who is excited that Dr Shabnam is my Dr. All my bodily functions are working well , (if you get my drift) Got to make positive changes to get wonderful positive results, wait till you meet Heather RN and all het staff they truly are professional, I truly look forward to my appointments with them all! Nick
Nicholas W. | Aug 27, 2022
Dr Shabnam is an amazing physician. Thorough examination and lots of discussion. Rarely any physician now a days spend that much time with patients.
Ali R. | Jul 09, 2022
Great person
Shallow A. | Jul 07, 2022
Have been using Dr Shabnam as my PCP for almost 6years now. I find her very knowledgeable and thorough and she absolutely cares about her patients well being and health. All of her staff members are polite and courteous. She is an established physician whose patients are happy to have her, as well as her staff, who stay with her. I've NEVER had such a wonderful doctor and plan on staying with her.
Gail G. | Jul 06, 2022
It was truly a great experience . Dr . Was very thorough in providing diagnosis and treatment. I was provided with options . Dr . answered all my questions and didn’t seem to be in rush . She was very knowledgeable and UpToDate and I would recommend her to any one without any hesitation.
Mona Akhtar A. | Jul 01, 2022
As always Dr Shabnam took the time needed to go over my blood tests and explain what the result’s meant. Always a great visit. And a very helpful staff.
Nathan P. | Jun 30, 2022
Very friendly, knowledgeable, listens to patients.
Joseph S. | Jun 30, 2022
I was visiting Dr. Shabnam for a long time ago. She is the best Dr. ever, and the nurses are wonderfuI therw working as a team constantly . I keep going with her.
Anamaria M. | Jun 30, 2022
Yolanda C. | Jun 28, 2022
I’ve been a patient here for years and I’ve always had a great experience. Always very happy. I love the doctor. She gives me a lot of time and understands my problems.
Amna S. | Jun 28, 2022
Everyone always makes you feel comfortable I feel like family there now and when I called when I am very well taken care of
Jeff N. | Jun 28, 2022
Wonderful experience in four consecutive years, she is always very much careful about her patient, I would definitely recommend everyone…
Muhammad H. | Jun 28, 2022
Great Experience
Alvia H. | Jun 27, 2022
I love Dr. Shabnam and her entire staff. Very patient and attentive, you are more than a number.
Cassaundra G. | Jun 24, 2022
Great people that care!
Shannon B. | Jun 24, 2022
Riffat S. | Jun 24, 2022
I was treated kindly and in a timely manner. The entire staff was very professional and knew their job.
Essie L. | Jun 24, 2022
Very Thorough every time
Heidi D. | Jun 23, 2022
Dr. Shabnam is amazing! The nurses are personable, friendly and helpful. My family and I highly recommend this office and doctor.
Solomon W. | Jun 23, 2022
I was new to the area 10 yrs ago and was blessed to have had DR Shabnam as my first pcp and have been with her ever since. The staff and Dr. Shabnam have always been professional and welcoming. I’m truly grateful.
Patrice H. | Jun 23, 2022
I have been a patient of Dr. Shabnam for 15 years and have always received great care. I especially appreciate the time she takes with me and never feel rushed.
Susan C. | Jun 22, 2022
I had a very good experience at this doctors office
Yolanda J. | Jun 22, 2022
Very nice doctor she friendly also all employees thy all good Dr Saba she very professional
Jesus G. | Jun 21, 2022
Always provide the best service at point of contact. Heather never allow me to leave until everything is complete.
Willa B. | Jun 21, 2022
As always Dr. Shabnam takes time to figure out what the underlying causes are and getting to the real issues.
MARY P. | Jun 21, 2022
I was very concerned about my new cpap machine. Concerned about the air pressure being low, waking up with headache,and low oxygen levels in the morning. Dr Shabnam is going to ask the supplier to arrange necessary supplies to monitor the blood oxygen levels and increase the air pressure
Jose A. | Jun 20, 2022
Always informative and friendly.
Delphina P. | Jun 20, 2022
Great experience she wonderful caring doctor
Qunisha R. | Jun 18, 2022
I am so glad I found Dr. Shabnam. She is so intuitive and has literally changed my life for the better!
Paige N. | Jun 17, 2022
Not only is Dr Shabnam always attentive and ready to provide solutions but her staff is equally as awesome
Mary G. | Jun 17, 2022
Connect with there patient's
Amna C. | Jun 16, 2022
Dr is smart knowledgeable professional, She is compassionate and thoughtful which is a somewhat rare commodity in the current complicated healthcare environment.
Patricia W. | Jun 16, 2022
Great staff. The staff Willing to go the extra mile to make sure your appointment goes well. Very professional .
Stacy S. | Jun 15, 2022
Saba S. | Jun 12, 2022
Saba Shabnam, MD, FAAFP
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